The range of specialist consultancy activities for optimising energy consumption

The Energy Management service offered by Geoside comprises several activities, including:

  • Team identification (EGE, senior Energy Manager and analyst).
  • Definition of the company’s energy baseline.
  • Evaluation of energy carrier costs.
  • Audit and control plan for energy carriers.
  • Energy accounting support.
  • Annual declaration of savings according to Annex 3 of Decree 102.
  • Identification of interventions eligible for EECs.

Specific incentives are also provided for Energy Diagnosis and Energy Certification, if combined, under certain conditions, with the above-mentioned interventions.

At Geoside, we provide our clients with support for the preparation of the application to the GSE, asseveration for the appropriate sizing of the heat generator, as well as the compliance of the intervention with the relevant technical and performance requirements, and for the Energy Diagnosis prior to the intervention and the Energy Certification ex post.

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