With our innovative and digital services, we accompany our clients on a path to optimize their plants and facilities.

Cogenerator optimization 

Geoside offers a platform that uses an AI algorithm to automatically manage their cogenerator so that it can reach its full economic potential

The service we offer considers mechanical, process and market variables to define at any time the machine set-point that maximizes economic benefit.  

In detail, the service provides: 

  • Minimization of the company's energy cost with savings of up to 25%;
  • Suggesting the automation of an optimal regulation plan for the Cogenerator;
  • Prediction of the company's energy needs; 
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce cogenerator damage and downtime

Air Handling Unit (AHU) Optimization  

For a better economic and energetic efficiency of existing Air Handling Unit, Geoside proposes the replacing of AHU motor with an innovative solution consisting of a magnetic reluctance motor working with artificial intelligent algorithms.  

Moreover, through integration with Savemixer software, it will be possible to collect and process energy consumption data for constant monitoring and energy efficiency optimization. 

In detail, the service provides: 

  • The reduction of consumption up to 65% based on the starting situation; 

  • Return on investment from 1 to 3 years

  • Easy replacement and no redesign of the AHU. 


Through the software Savemixer, we offer a service for monitoring and analysing small, medium and large photovoltaic plants, which makes it possible to monitor operation, evaluate performance and have the plant under 24-hour control.


In particular, the service includes:

  • Plant performance check with monthly reports on production;
  • Continuous analysis of operation (losses, efficiency, etc.);
  • Dashboard with performance parameters (KPIs);
  • Customisable reporting;
  • Analysis and reporting on an aggregated basis by month/ten-day period/day and time;
  • Comparison of the actual output of plants and their equipment against their standard and/or optimal operating curves (footprint);
  • Fault analysis (errors, alarms, etc.).

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