We continuously strive to innovate together with the best technology partners

We seek out innovative technologies, products and services to grow our business and the entrepreneurs who decide to work alongside us, with the ambition of playing a leading role in the energy revolution.

Why you should work with us

Geoside provides the dynamic drive and open-mindedness typical of a scaleup combined with the resources and tools of a large Group like Italgas. A perfect mix for practical, market-oriented innovation. 

What we are looking for 

We are looking for ideas that can drive innovation in the following areas, which are central to our business and to becoming key players in the energy and ecological transition that is sweeping our planet:

Our innovation model

Our approach to innovation aims to act as an accelerator for the energy and ecological transition that underpins our business, integrating cutting-edge technology solutions that can help to create a more efficient and sustainable future.

The Open Innovation process:



we gather new ideas through engagement initiatives targeted inside and outside the Group


Perché non sarai mai lasciato solo

we evaluate and test the most promising solutions by developing a Proof of Concept



we finalise the development and a comprehensive team brings the new solution to market

Innovating together

Do you want to be the next success story? Work with Geoside and its stakeholders. 

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