Here at Geoside, sustainability drives every aspect of our work. We play an active part in the energy transition in Italy and do so by guaranteeing excellence in services, respect for the planet and for our employees.

As an ESCo of the Italgas Group, we believe in sustainability as a core value of our work and a guarantee of sustainable growth for a better future. Through our services and CSR projects throughout Italy, we contribute to the creation of sustainable and smart cities and to the generation of long-term value for customers, the market, the territory and all its stakeholders, while respecting the environment and all the people involved in the process, our people.

We contribute to the achievement of the sustainability goals of the Italgas Group, which integrates social and environmental issues into its business.

futuro energetico.svgSERVING THE FUTURE OF ENERGY
our services and constant technological research help us to guide companies and individuals through the energy transition process, necessary to achieve a zero-carbon economy by 2050.

we want to be present on the ground with initiatives and concrete actions aimed at strengthening sustainable lifestyles, ecological awareness and energy efficiency, especially among the younger generations.

we are able to guarantee a reliable, safe and top-quality service, thanks to efficient digital tools and through conscious and respectful management of the environment and the entire network involved.

benessere persone.svgWELLBEING OF OUR PEOPLE
we seek to create an inclusive, stimulating and high-energy working environment. The involvement and empowerment of our people is fundamental to pursuing our mission and achieving our goals.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility projects

Geoside has always been active on the ground through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. We also want to make our contribution among the citizens and the new generations, providing knowledge and tools to create an increasingly strong culture of sustainability aimed at change. We believe that a greener and fairer future for all can only be achieved by guiding the generations that will come after us.

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A 40-hour training course developed by Geoside and the Regional School Office for Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with ENEA.


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