In collaboration with the Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa, we have identified project financing as the best tool to help Public Administrations in the management of energy services

Project Financing is a procedural financial instrument provided for in the Procurement Code that allows a third party outside the Public Administration to put forward proposals, both in terms of works and services.

The proposals put forward envisage that, following the procedural process laid down in the Procurement Code, a concession-type contract of variable duration would be stipulated, which could cover interventions on the various services in which the company operates.

For Administrations, the fact that proposals are put forward by a third party has the clear advantage of receiving feasibility studies or preliminary projects even on issues for which there is a lack of in-house expertise, and of having no financial outlay for them as they are borne in full by the proposing party.

Another key element is the contractual management risk, which falls entirely on the third party, completely freeing the organisation from design, operational and management responsibilities.

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