Sustainability is an increasingly central theme in business and can become a strategic value around which to involve employees, constituting a practical and socially useful objective that can be shared by the entire organisation.

Geoside has devised the first project that combines behavioural science with IOT for companies, providing a complete path to raise the level of corporate awareness on sustainability issues, contributing to respect for the environment and the green growth of society. The impact of all the activities envisaged by the path designed specifically for the company will be monitored and documented in a dedicated report.

There are many diffuse training tools that we can make available to companies, leveraging involvement and emotions at each stage of the course, in a path that transmits values and information to employees and supports the changing of established habits by introducing new sustainable lifestyles, in the office and at home.


During this stage, employees will be able to experience through the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies, scenarios and environments that allow them to observe first-hand how our Planet is changing due to global warming. The aim is to raise awareness and motivate staff on the importance of proper education on major sustainability issues and convey a sense of urgency to take action on climate change.

Esutainment.svg Edutainment

Learning yes, but having fun too. During this stage, the employee will be involved in a series of educational and interactive activities focusing on good sustainability practices. Energy efficiency, water waste, sustainable mobility and many other topics will be addressed dynamically through interactive videos with which employees can interact directly, with tips on best practices in the office and at home, and quizzes to test their knowledge and evaluate their habits.

Gamification.svg Gamification

In this phase, employees will continue to increase their knowledge of sustainability issues by getting directly involved. Through the use of an app, they will be able to challenge themselves based on a series of games and challenges, as well as accumulate points for each sustainable behaviour they complete, climbing the rankings and winning prizes and rewards.


Geoside will be available to the company at all times to monitor and analyse the results achieved by the course, including the number of people involved and training hours delivered, as well as detailed metrics of the impact generated at an individual level thanks to the sustainable actions promoted by the course. The reports produced will be available to the company for inclusion in its Sustainability Reports and Non-financial Statements.

Integration of the app with our proprietary software platform Savemixer will allow real-world data to be integrated with app usage data. This makes Geoside’s proposition unique in contributing to increasingly concrete sustainability.

The benefits of our diffuse training



Geoside provides the company with a strategic path aimed at producing measurable and concrete results for everyone, from the employees themselves to investors, customers and stakeholders.


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In the Green Economy, the future lies in the hands of truly sustainable companies. Raising employee awareness around sustainability is a step towards building a proven green image.



Our course is designed to engage all employees in activities that combine play, challenge and learning. The outcome? A more motivated and satisfied team in the working environment.

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