A document specifying legal requirements and related published acts on energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency

The Regulatory Framework is a document drafted by Geoside technicians, with the aim of compiling legal requirements (EU Directives and Regulations, National and Regional Laws) and acts concerning energy use and consumption and pertaining to the activities carried out by the companies requesting it.

This document is useful in order to:

  • monitor the technical-legislative context; 
  • identify applicable standards;
  • help companies to improve their knowledge of the risks related to energy compliance.


  • European legislation
  • National legislation
  • Regional legislation
  • Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities
  • Case Law
  • Best Practice


The Regulatory Framework service offered by Geoside is customised according to the customer’s needs and activities. 

The Informative Notes are issued quarterly and contain in-depth technical insights and guidelines on how to apply them. 
If Measures of particular importance resulting in new obligations for the customer are published between the issuing of Informative Notes, the company will send an Alert containing the new legislative references. The obligations arising from the Measures will be detailed in the subsequent Information Note. 


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