The integrated Energy Intelligence system that predicts, manages, and optimises your company’s consumption

Consultancy is Savemixer’s flagship service. Our Energy Managers will support you during all service activities until you become self-reliant.

Thanks to Savemixer, you can achieve energy savings even without replacing the systems, simply by carrying out management and behavioural interventions on existing devices.

Whatever your company’s energy needs, Savemixer has the solution: highly flexible, it adapts perfectly to your business model.

Energy saving is just one of the benefits that Savemixer will bring to your business.


Innovation and business support


Why it is unbeatable

Software tools on the market only allow you to monitor consumption but not to “standardise” it in relation to external factors. By creating an Energy Baseline, the SavemixerTM system creates the ideal energy model for your company.


Because you will never be on your own

The SavemixerTM system is managed by a team of experts with decades of experience in the field of energy efficiency, who will support you every step of the way: from energy diagnosis to the consumption data report.


Because it is flexible and integrable

SavemixerTM offers predictive Energy Intelligence models designed by our Data Scientists to adapt to different customer needs. The models can be integrated with ERP, BI, MRP, and MES flows.


Because you will get a return on your investment

SavemixerTM achieves average energy savings of between 10% and 20% (in SMEs, considering the energy consumption improvement as a variable). This translates into a substantial return on investment, which can be estimated on average in less than 12 months from the start of the Energy Management activity.


oltre efficienza energeticaBeyond energy efficiency
SavemixerTM is a truly comprehensive system: 
it enables economic assessments starting from the management and planning of energy accounting all the way to verification of savings achieved in terms of EUR and CO2.

A comprehensive service
From data collection to consultancy, from scenario analysis to reporting. 
Our team will support you with Savemixer to guarantee the best performance. 

Savemixer reporting

List of models and data
Graph – Predicted values
Monitoring list
Energy consumption forecast
Organisation of folders within the platform
Energy Wizard
Daily consumption map

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