Seaside’s contribution to Italgas Group’s 2020 – 2026 Strategic Plan on energy efficiency

For over 180 years, the Italgas Group has supported people who use natural gas in their everyday lives. 
It is not in the business of selling gas directly, but rather of distributing it to the household meter and ensuring continuity of service. Thanks to data and the use of digital technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning, Italgas is able to quickly identify problems in the network structure and take prompt action.
Indeed, the aim of the Group is to increasingly reduce intervention costs and outage time.


  • Distribution of natural gas, from transport networks to households.
  • Constant monitoring of the network, so that it is always safe and efficient.
  • Modernisation and digitalisation of the network, through the installation of smart meters.
  • Consumption measurement.
  • Intervention in case of emergencies, gas leaks, or other similar faults.


In 2018, thanks to its digital and pioneering spirit, Geoside became part of the Italgas Group, the leader in gas distribution in Italy. With the 2020-2026 Strategic Plan, which provides for over 7.5 billion in investment, the Italgas Group is focussing on innovation to generate further benefits and to implement new generation infrastructures that will allow the networks, which are already strategic in terms of extent and penetration, to play a key role in the energy transition process.

Thanks to Geoside, the only ESCo of the Group, Italgas will continue to invest in energy efficiency, one of the objectives of the Strategic Plan, in order to:

  • seize energy efficiency opportunities in a digital and innovative way;
  • improve expertise by integrating new services;
  • focus on the new challenges of the Building Energy Renovation sector.

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