With Geoside, your home is worth more at zero cost, forever

Management and implementation of interventions without any outlay.

Reducing energy waste means improving energy performance and market value by up to 20%.

High energy efficiency makes your home more comfortable and the environment benefits!

With the “Decreto Rilancio” (Italian decree aimed at re-launching the economy), the deductions for Sismabonus and Ecobonus have been increased to 110%!

You can only refer to Geoside for the work to upgrade your property: from carrying out the work itself to handling the paperwork!

The type of interventions proposed allow significant reductions in polluting emissions, such as CO2, SO2, and particulate matter.

Pending the update of the Recovery Plan, we suspend the acceptance of single-family homes and continue with the redevelopment of condominiums! It will be our pleasure to update you as soon as we resume.

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All-round savings

The energy saving for the building is guaranteed, while the up-front investment is zero, thanks to the Ecobonus incentive and the tax credit transfer mechanism. A mechanism that is simpler than you may think.


Calculated advantage

The mobile app can provide an immediate pre-evaluation of the most suitable interventions for the condominium and energy savings based on the characteristics of the building. By simply entering some basic data about the building, the algorithm can calculate the percentage of savings enabled by the most suitable technologies for the current energy status.


More value for the condominium

Not only does upgrading the building play a key role in optimising energy consumption, but it is a great opportunity to increase the market value of the property by up to 20%.


Customised solutions

We work with you to analyse all the benefits of the proposed solutions in order to identify those that are most effective, safe, and economical. Our team will be at your complete disposal from the project phase to implementation and post-intervention.

Superbonus 110%: with Savegas, upgrading your property is always at zero cost!

Discover the 110% superbonus

With the “Decreto Rilancio” (Relaunch Decree), as of 1 July 2020 you can obtain a deduction of up to 110% on energy and seismic upgrade work and immediately benefit from tax advantages thanks to credit transfer. In addition, Geoside will be your single point of contact, supporting you from the design stage to the execution of the work, right up to handling the paperwork and credit transfer. Interventions that qualify for a 110% deduction are:

  • Thermal insulation work, such as thermal cladding and insulation injection.
  • Replacement of heating, cooling, and hot water systems.
  • Installation of photovoltaic solar systems connected to the electricity grid. Installation of infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles in buildings.

In order to obtain the deduction, one must declare that the upgrade work 
carried out will guarantee an improvement of at least two energy classes.

famiglia-tetto.jpgico-green.svgReduce heat loss by up to 30%
With environmentally friendly and cost-effective thermo-acoustic insulation that works. 
In addition to being more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, it is quicker and more manageable than traditional EIFS. 

ico-gas.svgEnjoy potential savings of up to 25%
With an efficient and effective gas condensing boiler. 
Condensing boilers differ from conventional boilers because they provide energy savings of up to 25% as well as cost savings.