For large companies and SMEs, we manage the implementation and maintenance of different types of installations, as well as the improvement of energy performance

Here are the main types of installations managed and maintained by Geoside:

Photovoltaic systems

Designed and implemented both through participation in public tenders and for private entities. A turnkey service that includes the authorisation process, design, execution of works, and plant management.

Traditional heating systems

Designed and built to distribute heat from the source to radiators located inside public buildings and industrial plants.

Heat pumps

Designed and constructed to transfer thermal energy from a lower temperature source to a higher temperature source, using different forms of energy (usually electricity).

Electrical installations and public lighting systems

Designed and built to supply electricity to public buildings, hospital complexes and industrial plants, as well as street and urban lighting.

Solar heating systems

Installed on the roofs of buildings to transform the energy radiated by the sun into thermal energy.

District heating

A network of insulated, underground pipes that allow hot water from a large production plant to be distributed to public buildings.